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Barrier Reef access

Registered business "Littabella" and matching domain "" comes with the land

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Littabella Creek

40km north of Bundaberg and less than an hours flight to Brisbane

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a hidden gem

so private that even Google doesn't label it correctly. The Burnett is Bundabergs' river.


another land sale on Littabella Creek

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always at the ready

on the better fishing days it's great to have the boat ready to go for an hours fishing

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the main creek

It is 10km from the pontoon to the mouth with another 10km of navigable fishing

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Flood map above. The property is about 2km x .5km. Fully cattle fenced with 2 gates to a fence line. No electricity or water to the creek front.

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low fishing pressure

a feed is usually only a matter of putting the pots in with fresh fish frames

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just one more crab claw.....

sitting around a camp fire at home and having a drink and eating mudcrabs...

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my razor 570

best thing I ever bought for zipping around the 15km of tracks on the block

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the boat ramp

the property has a side inlet that extends about 200m and offers a great spot for an out of the way boat ramp

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they are not afraid

changing lures with my lure at rest right next to the boat and BANG! Rod was over my knee and head in my tackle box

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so under valued

The grunter is an amazing fighting fish when it reaches size and it tastes great. 80cm+ are in the system

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the mouth

bottom tide and waiting for the change. It's worth taking the time to watch the wave pattern before proceeding

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the inshore patch

the closest patch is only 1km straight out from the mouth. It offers winter snapper, pelagics and shallow reef species

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Lady Musgrave Island

Once departing the creek there are patches and reef in most directions and Lady Musgrave Island is 80km away

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the fishing shack

our current home is just UNCERTIFIED portable buildings. Nothing to get excited about but they have served us well for 5 years.

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there is room to move

but it is what you see, uncertified buildings that you may keep them or we can remove them prior to settlement, or sell them later.

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The Breezeway

Apart from 1700 websites I own a portable building and small house business. Negotiate 1 or 2 in the contract! they come in kits and 2 people can erect one in 2 weeks.

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    Littabella Creek is mostly a private creek system by default. there is access via Norville Beach but no public boat ramps.
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    Navigable creek mouth allowing access to inshore patches and deeper reefs starting from 20km out, the main reef 80km.
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    Catchment is this side of the ranges. Bundaberg peaked at 19m. Here peaked at 6m and only to the top of my boat ramp.
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     crabbing mecca
    With a lower pressure on the crab population compared to other systems, it is never too difficult to get a feed.  
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    known for Jack fishing 
    Littabella is reknown for Mangrove Jack and not unusual to have them as the dominant species of the days catch. 
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    excellent prawning
    There is excellent prawning to be had at the right times. Prawns run from the upper creek past our pontoon on some run outs.

Last year I bought 1700+ .au web sites and the business names

Australian Encyclopedia of Fishing

Australian Tourism Foundation

Net Ads

The intention was to sell the advertising businesses and create the fishing encyclopedia from here but things evolved....

Sadly here is not suitable for setting up my own servers and tourism business so we are heading back to Cairns. 

We still operate our building business Australia wide.

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